Faezeh Izadi

Faezeh Izadi is a Ph.D. student in Religious Studies at the University of Calgary, Canada. She holds a BA in industrial engineering and a Master’s degree in Comparative Study of Religions and Mysticism from Iran. She further pursued a second Master’s degree in Religious Studies at Queen’s University, Canada. Faezeh also studied at an Islamic Seminary for four years before transitioning to the academic study of religion.

Faezeh has had a diverse career path, holding roles as an engineer, teacher, and high school principal, among others. She has also served as a co-founder, board member, and member at large in several charitable organizations. Additionally, she actively participates in academic committees, such as EDI, fostering collaborative discussions and driving forward research, academic progress, and EDI concerns.

Her research area of interest includes Islamic studies, Philanthropic Studies, Moral philosophy, and New Religious Movements. Her Ph.D. research centers on the effectiveness of religious charitable activities through the lens of ethics in dialogue with the principles of the Effective Altruism movement and philosophy. In her spare time, Faezeh practices and teaches Persian and Arabic calligraphy, as well as the Farsi language.