Maryam Khan

Maryam Ali Khan is a Chevening scholar with an MSc in Psychological Research from the University of Edinburgh. Prior to her MSc, she worked in community engagement for public health in Pakistan. She also holds a BSc in Psychology.

Maryam has an interest in Moral Psychology, in topics such as moral concern and moral circle expansion, and the role of individual differences (such as religious beliefs and moral self-identity) in determining moral priorities. She is also involved in other research projects, alongside her primary work as a copyeditor for research manuscripts and journal articles. This includes research on moral judgments, whereby she is currently running experiments related to moral judgments of AI-use for the Moral Psychology and Experimental Philosophy Lab at Oxford University. 

She also writes a substack on topics related to moral concern and Effective Altruism, and has a budding interest in behavioural insights and its potential overlap with research on moral concern. Outside of her work and research interests, she has a passion for art and art history, and likes to collect interesting graffiti on her travels – you can find these here. You can also find her on LinkedIn and Twitter